Orange Coast College Sailing Center ~ Activities

By: Allan Heller ~ August 9, 2019

Orange Coast College Sailing Center

The other day while trying to decide on the subject matter for the next monthly mailing, the thought of capturing some of the activities at the Orange Coast College Sailing Center came to mind. The facility is located at 1801 W. Coast Highway in Newport Beach. Between the Balboa Bay Club Resort and the Mariners Mile restaurants and shops.

A quick glance of OCC Sailing Center website revealed an extensive array of classes being offered to very young, teenager, adult, novice, intermediate and advanced sailing enthusiasts. Their classes run through the summer with morning, afternoon and evening opportunities on week days and weekends to learn more about sailing and seamanship.

Their fleet of sail boats range from a small dingy. to Shields keel boats, to a 90 foot luxury yacht. In addition there is available a whole warehouse full of paddle boards and kayaks for students to learn and exercise with.

Classes are taught both in the classroom and on the water, with 80% of the time being spent on the water. Numerous staff members monitor and coach students on the water from a fleet of small outboard driven vessels. They are always nearby, ready to give assistance or provide suggestions during the on-water time of the class.

Below are a couple of additional images showing vary youg and intermediate activities during a typical afternoon of sailing classes.

Orange Coast College Sailing Center

Orange Coast College Sailing Center

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