Newport Beach Pier Area – The Crab Cooker

By: Allan Heller ~ March 20, 2018

Newport Beach Pier Area - The Crab Cooker
The other evening while wandering around the Newport Beach Pier area testing a new camera and lens combination The Crab Cooker Restaurant & Fish Market caught my eye. It seemed to present a good opportunity to experiment with the bright neon lights against the dark sky to see how well the camera performed.

After the images were processes, I came across an article relating that The Crab Cooker historic building is going to be demolished and replaced with a new structure. The reason for the rebuild is that during construction of the new “Vue Newport” complex adjacent to the west, the foundation of The Crab Cooker building was damaged beyond repair.

After reflecting on the loss of the historic building, I thought that the owner of the Crab Cooker (Jim Wasko) would like to have a nice photograph of the current building to help remind him the way it once was. A few days later I dropped into The Crab Cooker to give him a large copy of the above image and several hundred postcards showing the image on their face to give away to customers.

If you would like one of the postcards showing The Crab Cooker historical building as illustrated in the above image, just drop by The Crab Cooker and pick one up. You may want to enjoy some clam chowder or a seafood diner while you are there and please tell Jim Wasko that you were referred to him by Allan Heller.

Photographs of a couple other nearby restaurants were captured that evening as well and are shown below.

Newport Beach Pier Area Restaurants

Newport Beach Pier Area Restaurants
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