A Hidden Treasure ~ Pirate Tower on Victoria Beach ~ Laguna Beach CA

By: Allan Heller ~ December 10, 2014

Pirate Tower ~ Laguna Beach, CA

The Pirate Tower on Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach is a sixty foot Norman style tower which houses a spiral wooden stairway. The tower provides access from the beach to the associated home above.

The home and tower were originally constructed in 1926 as a residence for the State Senator William E. Brown and his family. The house was owned by the Browns until the early 1940’s at which time it was purchased by Harold Kendrick.

During the Kendrick ownership of the home, he was thought to be as eclectic and fascinating as the buildings. He entertained local children in his home with games and prizes. In addition, he would hide coins in the tower for the children to find and keep.

Access to the area surrounding the tower can be most easily reached at low tide.

Here is a link to the “Google Maps Location” of the Pirate Tower.

The entire property is now registered with the State of California as a historical property under the Common Name of “The Norman House” and the Historic Name of “La Tour”. A more detailed description and history of the residence may be obtained by reading the “Historic Resources Inventory” document on file with the City of Laguna Beach.

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