Corona del Mar Vacation Home ~ Drought Resistant Landscaping

By: Allan Heller ~ September 30, 2014

Crassula Falcata

Owners of Corona del Mar vacations homes often ask themselves how they can landscape their properties such that very little maintenance or irrigation is required.

The solution comes in the form of California drought resistant native plants. In the Corona del Mar coastal area, these plants are very tolerant of long periods without water and require very little trimming or attention.

These ground covers, shrubs, and trees come in a variety of interesting shapes which can complement any architectural style. Many bear beautifully colored flowers and foliage. Some bloom profusely throughout much of the year.

Below are shown a sampling of images from the class of specimens being described. Click on any image to view a brief description of the plant and it’s required care.

Eschscholzia Californica
Salvia Microphylla
Vitis californica
Wistera Sinenses
These images are being provided through the courtesy of An extensive list of plants in this class may be found on their web site drought-resistant plant page located here.

Another source for information regarding drought-resistant landscaping may be found at the University of California ~ Sonoma County Master Gardeners web page

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