Karl E. Case (Case_Shiller housing index) says housing has never been a better bargin.

By: Allan Heller ~ September 7, 2010

Here is a quote from the September 1, 2010  New York Times article by Karl E. Case titled “A Dream House After All”.  Karl E. Case is a professor emeritus of economics at Wellesley and co-creator of Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller housing index.

This financial crisis has made us all too aware that we live in a Catch-22 world: the performance of the housing market drives the economy, and the performance of the economy drives the housing market. But housing has perhaps never been a better bargain, and sooner or later buyers will regain faith, inventories will shrink to reasonable levels, prices will rise and we’ll even start building again. The American dream is not dead — it’s just taking a well-deserved rest.

via Op-Ed Contributor – A Dream House After All – NYTimes.com.

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