Determine Which Schools Will Service Your New Home

By: Allan Heller ~ September 26, 2007

What schools will my children attend? – is another question among the those frequently asked by many potential property Buyers.

This article demonstrates how to locate the schools serving a particular address located within the cities of Corona del Mar, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach or Newport Coast.

While following through this example, the reader may perform a mouse click on any of the accompanying illustrations to open the particular Laguna Beach Unified School District
or Newport Mesa Unified School District web page from which that illustration was taken.

In the case of the Laguna Beach schools, the school district has provided an Acrobat PDF file showing all street names in their district. Each street name is followed by an abbreviation for the school that services that address. An example of the address page is shown in the following illustration:

Laguna Beach Schools Service Addresses

In the case of the Corona del Mar, Newport Beach and Newport Coast schools, the school district has provided an interactive web search page. To locate the schools that service any particular address one just needs to enter that address into the appropriate areas of the search form and press the “go” button. The page will then display a map of the school locations and the written names of the schools below the map along with buttons for further school information. An example of the web search page is shown in the following illustration:

Newport Beach School Locater

Most other school districts located in the Orange County Coastal areas have similar methods available for determining which schools service a particular address within their district.

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